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Cheerleaders are assigned based on age and team structure considerations, such as the number of girls in a particular age group (if one team is oversized, and the next level up is undersized, some of the older girls might be moved up  to balance the squads), family considerations (keeping siblings at the same  level to simplify travel arrangements), etc. 

Why you should join cheerleading

 Every little girl should try out for cheerleading. Cheerleading is an awesome sport to become involved with. It teaches you how to be part of a team and develop lifelong friends.  There is no doubt that cheerleading is a sport, to perform their activities: they must be as strong as any football players, as poised as any dancer, and as flexible as any gymnast.  They are athletes by every definition of the word. 

When you are a cheerleader you have to perform stunts. These stunts usually involve four people. You have two bases, which are girls who are strong and can lift another girl together. And you have a back-spot to ensure that the flyer(which is the girl that is being tossed in the air) does not fall and has back support. These four people all have a job and have to work together to perform the stunt safely.

Cheerleading may look easy, but like all sports is take hard work and dedication.  For many girls it will be a part of them when they move on to High School, and will be part of who they become.  The best things in life are worth waiting for, fighting for, believing in, and just never letting go of.    That is what Franklin cheer provides…. Come join us!  

How to be a Cheerleader

To become a cheerleader it takes a lot of work, commitment and good attitude.  If becoming a cheerleader is your child’s dream, then make it come true…become a Charger!   First, you need spirit, be happy and enthusiastic person.

  1. Decide to do cheerleading, come Join the Franklin Panthers!
  2. Get Fit-start stretching, be flexible, get strong and eat healthy
  3. Learn Essential Cheerleading Skills-jumps, tumbling, and practice tight motions.
  4. Look the part-tightponytails with bows-Get cheer shorts, and tanks.  Don’t forget Cheer Sneakers…
  5. Speak loudly and clearly- Practicein front of the mirror or in front of your family.
  6. Keep a positive attitude-Alwayshave a smile on your face!
  7. Don’t be Afraid!    Be Confident and don’t care what others think.
  8. And Most Importantly Have Fun!