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Rules and Regulations


  • Football is a big time commitment and players/parents should expect to commit a great deal of time.
  • Players should arrive to practices and games ON time.
  • Players are to attend all practices and games. If a player is going to be late or miss a practice or game, players must notify their coach.
  • A parent or guardian must stay for all practices for parental supervision as well as announcements for players on E & D squads.
  • Poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated and may result in forfeiture of a roster position, playing time, etc.
  • There is absolutely no body piercing or jewelry to be worn at any practice or game.

Practices will typically start the first Monday in August, if August 1st falls in the middle of the week, The Panthers may elect, with approval, to start at the end of July in order to get in a full week of practice. On average, there are 4 practices per week (Monday-Thursday) from 5:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. and are held at Franklin High School (location subject to change). Once September begins, practices drop to 3 per week (one of which could be on Saturday) and are be held either at Franklin High School (location subject to change). Each coach will determine their practice schedule for September and will notify players at the end of August.

There are a total of 9 regular season games that will be played either at home or away. Games are typically held on Sundays beginning the first week in September (an occasional Saturday game may occur). Game times vary from week to week. Players typically need to arrive 1 hour prior to the start of the game to begin warm-ups and weigh-in. Home games are typically held at Franklin High School or Beaver Field.

Players should prepare for post-season football games that could go into November and December. Playoff games for football can be very expensive and emotional events. Parents and children should be prepared, in case of a National competition, to travel for up to an entire week during school in December as well as fund your child’s travel expenses

Due to American Youth Football rules, any child that participates on another competitive football squad, is ineligible to play in the 

1. Football Cleats
2. Light colored shirt to be worn under pads at practice
3. Navy blue or white shirt to be worn under pads for games
4. Athletic supporter
5. Girdle
6. White Practice Pants
7. Arm Pads, Hand Pads, and Gloves are optional. They can only be gray.
8. Water bottle or thermos
9. Practice Jersey (purchased through the Franklin Panthers at a cost of $20)

1. Helmet
2. Shoulder Pads
3. Chin Strap
4. Mouth Guard
5. Game Uniform including belt & socks
6. 7 pad set
7. Rib Vest

All equipment issued is the property of the Franklin Panthers but is your responsibility. This is Panther equipment and cannot be altered in any way. If your uniform and/or equipment are abused or damaged in any way, you will be responsible for full replacement cost of $375.00. Game uniforms are to be worn at games only and only by players, not parents or siblings. The only exception is at sanctioned Franklin Panther event.

The following guidelines have been prepared to assist parents/players in maintaining the condition of football equipment as they participate in the Franklin Pop Warner Football program. Following these guidelines will ensure our young player’s health and safety, provide equipment longevity, and reflect the high standards of The Franklin Panthers.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Game Jersey, pants, and socks must be cleaned weekly. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action. Please do not place game jerseys in a dryer after cleaning. This will cause the numbering / lettering to peel off the jersey. Please “hang dry” in an indoor washroom or outdoors if weather permits. Game pants must also “hang dry.” Franklin Panthers practice jerseys must be purchased at equipment distribution for a nominal fee. UNIFORMS MUST BE CLEANED BEFORE THEY ARE RETURNED AT THE END OF THE SEASON.

NEVER use bleach of any kind on game uniforms. Bleach will ruin the elastic properties of the uniform’s material.

The following upkeep of other equipment is also advised:

HELMETS: Scrub with a mild detergent (Joy, Windex, Simonize wax) and water to remove all markings before each game or as necessary. Do not soak in water under any circumstances. Keep excessive moisture away from decals on helmet. Do not use a mechanical or electric pump to inflate air liner. Do not lean, throw, or sit on helmets under any circumstances!

MOUTHPIECES: Thoroughly rinse in clean running water prior to each practice/game. Your child will be issued one mouthpiece. If your child needs more than the initial mouthpiece they receive, they will be available to purchase at a nominal fee. Regulations require that mouthpieces must be attached to helmets; therefore do not cut mouthpieces.

CLEATS: Cleaned before games begin and especially after a “muddy” practice session. AYF rules state “shoes: In all divisions of play: sneakers, molded rubber cleats (soccer style), or detachable rubber (football style) cleats are permitted. No metal cleats are permitted.”

GIRDLE PADS/ATHLETIC SUPPORTERS: Wash after each use as needed.

GAME SOCKS: Game socks will be provided and must be worn on game days.

Parents/Guardians of rostered football players are responsible for the pick-up and return of player equipment, on the scheduled date, at the Horace Mann equipment trailer. Distribution of player equipment will be on held on a date to be determined in June (please refer back to the website). Failure to pickup equipment may result in a delay of starting practice and the season. Players must be present for proper fitting of equipment. Return of equipment will be the Saturday following the last regular season game. It is mandatory that all equipment be returned on that day. Consider this day to be your final game! (Playoff team’s equipment will be returned the Saturday after their final playoff game). There are no other scheduled dates for distribution or return of player equipment. The Equipment Manager reserves the right to distribute equipment at his convenience.