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Registration for the 2017 Season

The cost to register for cheer or football for the 2017 season is $250.00.  Additional children are $225.

Click here to find out about program assistance

*** Registration for the 2017 season is now OPEN until paperwork day June 12th ***

Register at this link:,
then download the required forms below.

Registration is on a first-come, first served basis. The first 35 football players to register will be placed on a squad according to the Pop Warner Age & weight guidelines. After that, a waitlist will be established for any Division(s) to determine if a second squad should be added. Cheerleaders are placed on a squad according to age.

Parents DO NOT assign a Division during on-line registration. The Chargers will place players on a Division according to the Pop Warner guidelines.

No child will be turned away due to financial constraints. Scholarships are available through the Town of Franklin, Program Assistance Fund. Click here for information about this program. Should you have any additional questions, please email our Registration Manager for more information. Information provided is held in confidence.

The participants age on July 31st of the current year (2017) shall be the player’s age for the entire season. Participant must be 7 – 14 years old as of July 31, 2017.

The following 4 pieces of paperwork (5 pieces of paperwork for new players) are required from all participants in order to begin practice. If any of these requirements are not met, your child will not be permitted to participate in any practice until resolved! You should be able to auto fill most of these forms online when you register and print the majority from the online registration. Please review this list below as not all forms can be printed from online registration. All forms should be brought to Registration Paperwork Day – date to be announced. The Physical Fitness & Medical History Form can be mailed or can be brought to the Equipment Pickup day in June – date to be determined. All forms must be sent in prior to the first day of practice.

1. Physical Fitness and Medical History Form – Each participant must turn in the Physical Fitness & Medical History Form – Section I and Section II. If a doctor will not complete Section II of this form, we will accept a doctor’s physical form or handwritten note on a prescription pad or letterhead and Section I must be included. Any note MUST indicate that the child is physically fit to participate in Pop Warner football or cheerleading for the 2017 season. Please remember all forms and notes must dated AFTER 1/1/16 and before the first day of practice. The doctor’s signature and date must be legible on the form. We cannot accept forms dated in 2015. 

2. Player/Parent Contract -Parents & Players both sign this form and date it. Leave the GPA section blank. Please indicate grade and school as well as provide an email address so that The Chargers can notify you of important events and coaches can contact you regarding the season. 

3. Photo Consent Form and Waiver /  A signed Sport Parent Code of Conduct  / Information Booklet – Read the book sign the attached form.  
 Blue-Book  Consent-Conduct-BlueBookSignature

4. Final Report Card – A copy of the participants final report card that is received in June. Copy must include all specials (PE, art, music, French, etc.) Copies must include school name, student name, and grade.

5. For new players only – The participant’s original birth certificate, with the raised seal must be turned in at Registration Paperwork Day. A copy of it will be made and the original will be returned after team/squad rosters have been certified and returned about the middle of August. A copy of the birth certificate is required to be on file.

Refund Policy:
Refunds will only be issued due to a player relocating or due to an injury that would prevent a participant from playing for the entire season. Parent’s need to submit an email to the Registration Manager along with a doctor’s note.

Should you have any questions regarding Registration or Paperwork, please click here to contact our Registration Manager.